About LogicByte

Company Profile

We aim to provide solutions and services that are of high quality that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers

LogicByte, is based in Dubai and has been established by a team of experienced professionals who have spent over a decade in the IT Services and Software Development Industry.

Our core philosophy focuses on an innovative and proactive approach that is driven by market insights. We believe in a forward planning and customer focused strategy that has proven to help our customers on their growth path.

We offer a full range of technology services. You can rely on us to be your IT department, your Digital Marketing agency, your web and software developer and someone you can rely on to safeguard your data and guide you with Technology planning.

We recognize that the key to your success is to anticipate your needs and in turn deliver Innovative IT Services that enable you to grow and transform your business competitively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our clients, augmenting their human and technology resources and capabilities, by providing quality, appropriate, affordable, and timely services and products. In effect, we are passionate about helping our clients leverage technology properly to get the job done.