What we do

Testing and Quality assurance Services

Our experience with many third-party testing tools and specialty in-house test applications allow us to be more productive through automation.

While we have the expertise to create test scripts and use automation tools, our engineers also have the focus, dedication, and a QA mind-set that is required to effectively handle the demands of repetitive black-box testing.

Our testing and quality assurance services include:-

Functional and Regression Testing:
The primary objective of testing is to make sure that the Application/product remains functional across versions and bugs are not introduced when changes are introduced in the new release.
Compatibility Testing:
The performance of an application across different platforms is also tested. We uncover compatibility issues with operating systems, other software applications, hardware components etc.
Performance Testing:
Performance testing is done to provide Clients with information about their application regarding speed, stability and scalability. We undertake Load testing, Stress testing, Volume testing and Endurance testing of the application to uncover performance issues like poor response time, poor scalability and bottlenecks etc.
Security Testing:
We ensure that your applications are secure against security threats and that all loopholes are plugged
User Acceptance Testing:
Helps to validate end-to-end business processes, system transactions and user access. It confirms the system or application is functionally fit for use and behaves as expected.
Product Testing:
Our product testing services reduces the risk of business loss and enhances overall quality of work.
Test Automation:
Our technical test specialist will provide consultancy to automate the applications and create automated test suites for functional and regression testing.
Test Process Improvement:
Our defined test processes ensures that reviews to test artifacts are done to identify defects in early life cycle through requirements reviews, test plan review and test scripts/test cases review.